Cunning Media


Cunning Media is a company created by Tommy Cunningham (that's me). 🤓

I am a freelance web designer and web developer from Tamworth, UK. I have over 4 years of experience in developing for a wide range of clients and businesses.

My abilities as a frontend and backend developer allow me to create everything and anything, no matter what your web idea may be.

Make your vision a reality.

Some examples of what I have already created include:

  • Business Websites
  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • Visual Basic Applications
  • Website Management Systems
  • Blogs
  • Wordpress Plugins
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Booking Systems
  • Business Portals
  • User Interfaces
  • Custom Checkout Pages

Despite being based in Tamworth, I will work with clients from anywhere and everywhere, I also offer advice and support with websites, hosting, domains and much more.


Web Development

All websites I develop are custom, which allows them to be customised and changed whenever and allow you to have complete creative freedom. Your website will provide a better experience for you and your users. Whatever your vision, make your vision a reality.

Web Design

I design websites to meet your expectations and try to go beyond them. The purpose of your website is to convince website visitors that they should become customers of your company. I aim to provide the skills necessary to serve that purpose.

Responsive Design

Over 50% of all internet traffic is from a mobile device. It has become more important than ever that your website is compatible with all screen sizes. I make sure that your website is responsive, so that it is compatible with any screen size on any device.

Website Maintenance

Trend's now a days come and they go, the internet, websites and technology are constantly evolving. It is important that when you have a website designed, that it is maintained or it will be forgotten and won't get used. I can bring your website up to date and even fix issues your current site may have.


When I create websites, I keep search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. I ensure that SEO practices are used on every page of every website I create, search engines are constantly changing there algorithm, I keep up to date and make sure that SEO is completely relevant which will help your website to in search engine results which will drive more traffic to your site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is... expensive and sometimes difficult. You can spend so much time and money on email marketing systems and still not run a successful campaign. I can create a custom email marketing system for your website, provide support with your current system or help improve your campaign.


With years of experience in eCommerce, I can create an eCommerce solution tailored to the needs of yourself, your business, and your customers. I develop effective, efficient and well-designed eCommerce solutions to match your requirements.


A blog is a way to express your knowledge, skills, interests, opinions, passions and so much more. It is important that your blog represents what it is about to peak people's interests and leave them wanting more. I can help make your blog a blog.


I have created plugins for multiple systems. I can create custom plugins for your Wordpress site, Magento site, Shopify site and more. An example of a plugin for Wordpress I have made is a holiday, hotels and flights booking system using an API that can be installed on any Wordpress site to make it into a booking site.

Custom System

I can create a fully custom system, for example I can create a booking system, a CMS system, a central hub for your users and more. If you have a vision of a system that you would like to be made, I can make your vision a reality.

Extensions & Applications

I can create Google Chrome extensions which I have used to improve the quality and speed of my work. If you think a task can be simpler it can. If you want to limit certain actions under certain conditions you can.

Support & Advice

To market and grow your business properly in today's modern world you may need to jump through some technical hoops. Whether it's setting up a landing page, installing a Facebook Pixel or even adding analytics to your web pages if you're not sure on how these are done, then you might struggle. But don't worry as I can provide support and advice on any web related topic.


Areas I Cover


Having lived in Tamworth for as long as I can remember I am perfectly ready to meet local business and individuals to discuss your web design needs.

Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield is 20 mins down the A453 from my home, its easy and convenient to work with businesses or individuals around this area.


Lichfield is 20 mins up the A5 from my home, its easy and convenient to work with businesses or individuals around this area.


Nuneaton is 25 mins down the A5 from my home, its easy and convenient to work with businesses or individuals around this area.


Birmingham is 30 mins down the A38 from my home, its easy and convenient to work with businesses or individuals around this area.


Even though Blackpool is over 2 hours away from my home, I can do work around this area as my dad owns a Bed & Breakfast called The Elk and I stay in Blackpool a few weekends a month.

West Midlands

I cover the entire of the West Midlands area, meeting and working with existing and new clients.

United Kingdom

If you're in a location that I haven’t listed please get in contact below as I can work remotely across the rest of the UK and possibly have a face to face meeting.

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